Mongolian Grill & Dinner

# Any requested extra sauces are subject to additional charges

Mongolian Grill

You are the one in control at our Mongolian Grill

Our selection of fresh vegetables, meats and Asian sauces caters to all your special needs and desires.
You select the fresh ingredients and our cooks will stir fry your meal before your eyes in just minutes.

Mongolian Grill is a "create your own stir-fry" restaurant with a focus on fresh and healthy ingredients.
Customers can create their own delicious Mongolian meals by choosing their own ingredients in a bowl then our experienced chef cooks it on a huge Grill.

Hibachi Entree

All Hibachi Entrees or specialties are served with soup, house salad, assorted vegetables and steamed rice.

Fried Rice is not included and only available for $4.00 per order
$3.50 plate charge will be added to each person for sharing.
(soup and salad will be served for plate charge)

Hibachi Specialties

Hibachi Side Order

Side orders cannot be ordered without entrees or specialties.

Korean Menu

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